Jamie Club Juli

Guided tour of the Mayer ́sche Hofkunstanstalt


Our first Jamie Club took us to Munich in July. On Tuesday, July 12, we received an exclusive guided tour of the Mayer ́sche Hofkunstanstalt from Mr. Trommler.

The Mayer ́sche Hofkunstanstalt specialises in the creation of high-quality glass and mosaic works. The manufactory has been run as a family business since 1847.

Since a visit with competent leadership is not so easily possible, the interest of our members was correspondingly high. Mr. Alexander Trommler, an employee of the Mayer ́sche Hofkunstanstalt and a profound connoisseur of the scene, patiently and very excitingly explained the work in the glass factory to us.

At lunch together, we exchanged again about what we had seen and heard extensively.