Jamie Club im Oktober

Jamie Club in October

On October 9, we met again after a long time for our monthly Jamie Club. This started surprisingly at our member Martin Wagner in Murnau; he had invited us to a small champagne reception in the former Hannak bookstore in Grüngasse 7. For this once again our heartfelt thanks.
Since there was a lot to talk about among us members after such a long time, it was good that we could continue this with a good glass of wine and regional lunch at the Schlosscafé.
Well fortified and full of curiosity, we then went to the castle museum. There, Mr. Frank Heumann awaited us to guide us through the special exhibition "Point, Line, Surface." The exhibition, which is dedicated to children's drawings and expressionism, is on display until November 7. We followed with interest his execution of "... a theme that Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Asger Jorn and other important artists of Classical Modernism already dealt with intensively." (Quote Flyer Schlossmuseum)
Disappointed, however, we had to realize after the end of the tour that the small exhibition dedicated to James Loeb had been completely dismantled. Thus, nothing in the Schlossmuseum reminds us of this patron who did so much good for Murnau.

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Champagne reception


Guided tour of the special exhibition