10 Jahre James Loeb Gesellschaft

Celebration of the tenth anniversary of the James Loeb Society

On April 25, 2011, the James Loeb Society was founded by Dr. Hermann Mayer and Mr. Maximilian Weishaupt as well as five other founding members. The aim was "to keep the name of James Loeb and his work in memory and to preserve his "legacy" in Hochried and Murnau".
Due to the Corona Pandemic, it was not possible to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the foundation on April 25 this year. Now, exactly five months later to the day, the celebration could take place on September 25, 2021 at the headquarters of the James Loeb Society in Munich.
Following the general meeting, the guests fortified themselves at the Bavarian buffet and used the time for lively conversations.
The ceremony began around 2:00 pm with an excellent musical performance by the young pianist Volha Amialyanchyk and the young violinist Artem Lonhinov. The enthusiastic audience enjoyed two more musical interludes by the duet during the course of the celebration.
The chairman Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Söder paid tribute to the work of the former chairman Dr. Hermann Mayer. For, if we look back on the past ten years and consider all the major projects that were tackled and realized during this time, we can see that far more than the original goal was achieved. Particularly noteworthy are the biennial Loeb Conferences in collaboration with Harvard University. Two of four planned conferences have already taken place and a publication has recently appeared on the first, entitled "The Loeb Classical Library and Its Progeny." In addition, two doctoral students receive fellowships each year. In cooperation with the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (Central Institute for Art History), an annual Loeb Lecture is held, and in collaboration with the Staatliche Antikensammlung München (Munich State Collection of Classical Antiquities), changing exhibits from the Loeb Collection are displayed annually at the Schlossmuseum in Murnau. The Society can be particularly proud of the publication "James Loeb, Collector and Patron in Munich, Murnau and Worldwide." The volume was published bilingually by Hirmer Verlag. To be able to accomplish all this, a great deal of networking is needed. Christa Mayer played a significant role in this networking, as many of these connections were made at Sonnenstein, the home of the Mayer family, and are due to her cooking and hospitality. Recognition for what has been achieved is also due in particular to Maximilian Weishaupt, who sadly passed away much too early, and who drove the aforementioned projects forward with his heart and soul and financial support. For this, his friend and comrade-in-arms Dr. Mayer expressed his heartfelt thanks.
In recognition and thanks for his work, Dr. Hermann Mayer received a certificate of honor and a gift of a book. Mrs. Christa Mayer was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a book gift. To everyone's surprise, the treasurer Sigrid Panhans and the secretary Anita Falkenhahn also each received a bouquet of flowers as a thank you.
Prof. Dr. Söder is now looking forward to continuing the work together with the Society; the next James Loeb Conference next year is being planned, new connections are being made and further projects are being set in motion.
After the speeches and honors, as well as further musical interludes, the celebration moved into a cozy get-together.

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Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Söder (Chairman of the Board), Koenraad Vos (Fellow), Dr. Hermann Mayer (Honorary Member)

Roland Jurgeleit at the film screening

musical performance by the young pianist Volha Amialyanchyk and the young violinist Artem Lonhinov

Roland Jurgeleit thanks the young musicians for the musical arrangement of the celebration.

Dr. Hermann Mayer receives the honorary certificate as well as his wife Christa a thank you for her commitment to the James Loeb Society.

Christa Mayer, Hermann Mayer, Hans-Peter Söder, Elizabeth Söder

The Board of the James Loeb Society: Hans-Peter Söder, Roland Jurgeleit, Anita Falkenhahn, Sigrid Panhans.

Hermann Mayer and Sigrid Panhans at the presentation of the chronicle "10 years James Loeb" Society".