Publication about James Loeb

The Loeb Society is currently preparing a publication about James Loeb. The life and achievements of this remarkable collector and patron will be illuminated in a series of contributions by illustrious German and American authors. The central topics of the publication include not only his magnificent academic achievements and his well-founded activities as a collector of objects of Antiquity, but also his support for social projects, psychiatric research and in the field of music.

A particular focus will lie on Loeb’s special links with Murnau, where he lived and where he clearly felt at home. A large part of his work and his charitable activities took place here.
Loeb lived at a time in which anti-Semitism was increasing dramatically and which resulted in fatal social and political consequences. This background will also be examined, since it contrasted fatefully with the thoughts and deeds of James Loeb.

This publication will present a portrait of the exceptional personality of James Loeb, and his interest in and generosity towards the art and literature of Antiquity and his fellow men.

Further information can be found here.