Reading and guided tour of the printer


Book presentation by Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Söder


The Metalogicon is a dictionary of philosophy. And there are many. What if we would only list the most important words? How many are those? It cannot be many. Are there more than ten? Or even a hundred? Who determines which words are important, whose definition is fundamental?


The Metalogicon is also a love story. It is about being together. Therefore every love story is also a dictionary.


The Metalogicon is an answer to our time. There are too many words and too many pictures today. We need to learn again to live with less. It is time to preserve the remaining inspired words before it is too late. This is the readers’ task, not mine.



Published in a numbered limited edition by the Christoph Dürr publishing company, printed in lead type on original Heidelberg Cylinder. 110 pages, 30€.



Friday, April 28

06:00 pm

Galery und Printery Christoph Dürr

Hübner Str. 5, 80637 München (Neuhausen, Nähe Rotkreuzplatz)