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Date preview 2023


January                Jamie Club

                             Munich, Collection of Classical Antiquities

                             Guided tour through the exhibition New Light from Pompeii

February              Jamie Club

                             Penzberg, Museum

                             Campendonk Collection - Guided tour

March                  James Loeb Hall

10.03.23               Murnau, Castle Museum

                             Opening of the James-Loeb-Hall

April                      Jamie Club

May                       Jamie Club

June                      Loeb Conference

04. - 07.06.23       Topic: medicine & psychiatry

                             Location: Alois Alzheimer microscopy room - Munich, Nußbaumstraße 7

July                      Jamie Club

August                  Jamie Club

September           General Meeting

09.09.2023           Murnau, James-Loeb-House

October                Jamie Club

November            Jamie Club

December            Jamie Club



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